TLANT Granola

Farm Bakery

We are the bakers of Tlant

At TLANT, we bake tasty, local products that are perfectly suited to a balanced lifestyle. Our granola is all about simplicity, which is why it is such a great product. Nothing but seeds, nuts, grains and berries, that have been oven-baked with honey and date syrup, without any added sugars.

TLANT granola is 100% natural and does not contain any refined sugar. The secret recipe of the bakers at TLANT derives its flavoursome taste from date syrup, honey and a pinch of sea salt! Only good and healthy stuff in other words!

Flavours available in 300g, 1000g and 2500g packs:

  • Crumbling Coconut

  • Sneaky Cinnamon

  • Whizzy Walnut

  • Shocking Chocolate

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