Cold Brew Coffee


Dedicated to Craft

Bottled Cold Brew

Drink it straight from the flask, over ice or with milk. Our bottled cold brew is your caffeine companion, whether you're on the move or on a trip we've got you (and everyone you know) covered. Find our flasks in the best cafes, premium retailers and hotels.

Original Can

The original British Cold Brew, but now in a stubby can. Speciality grade, directly traded coffee is brewed overnight for that smooth, satisfying and unmistakably Sandows flavour. It's sugar and dairy-free. Winning.

Citrus Cold Brew Soda

Our sparkling Citrus Cold Brew Soda is a zesty mix of Sandows Cold Brew Coffee with lemon, lime and grapefruit. Think disco lemon, think refreshing. Low-sugar and dairy-free.

Spice Cold Brew Soda

A punchy blend of Sandows Cold Brew Coffee with ginger, orange blossom, and black spice. Some say Spice tastes like gingerbread, some say it tastes like magic. You decide. Low-sugar and dairy-free.

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Original Cold Brew

20 cl flask