Ginger Mania

Ginger Beer

Picked & Pressed

Unlike standard beer, which is made of hops and malt, Ginger Mania is a mixture of hand-picked ginger, exotic citruses, cane sugars, spring water and special yeasts. It does not contain any artificial ingredients, flavourings or sweeteners.  Drink cold in Summer or warmed up in Winter. Although it tastes great on its own, Ginger Mania is ideal for mixed drinks and cocktails.

  • Ginger Mania - Non-Alcoholic

  • Ginger Mania - Alcoholic (3.9% vol)

  • Ginger Mania - Winter Special enriched with cinnamon, clove & star anise

Each flavour is available in 33 cl glass bottles.

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33 cl glass

ginger, citrus, cane sugar, spring water, yeast, flavoured with cinnamon, clove and star anise